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Spare Part is a goods consisting of several components that form a unity and have a specific function. Each machine consists of many components. There are some components that are also contained in some small components, eg engines that have components in it that is fuel injection pump, water pump, starting motor, alternator, oil pump, compressor, power steering pump, turbocharger, and others.

Each Spare Part has its own function and can be associated or separated with other Spare Part. For example Where the alternator serves to generate electricity to charge the battery (batteries), while the starting motor serves to turn on the engine by using electricity from the battery.

In general Spare Part can be divided into two, namely:

1. New Spare Part is a component that is still in new condition and has not been used at all except when testing.

2. Spare Part used or copotan ie components that have been used for a certain period with conditions:

A. Still feasible to use that is technically such components can still be used or have age wear.

B. Not worth using technically that component is no longer able to be used even if repaired or reconditioned.

In reality the field, generally many users who prefer components / Spare Part is still what there is (unrecondition). Given the component is still what it is after removable / removed from heavy equipment or trucks, so it can still be identified the actual conditions. If necessary repair or reconditioning then the user is more confident on the type of replacement parts will be replaced.

Actual use of copper / scrap components has long been done by heavy equipment users in developed countries. However, generally in developed countries, components that have been sold are remanufactured and ready to use, as well as distributors / suppliers also dare to guarantee the components. While in Indonesia only in recent years alone, many heavy equipment users are looking for used components / copotan. Given the price is cheaper than buying new components. As well as the need for used or copotan components is getting bigger every year, but the need will be more unbalanced with used / copotan components available. The propensity of heavy equipment and truck owners is trying to extend the life of the unit, well beyond the lifetime of the developed world.

We provide a variety of spare parts and various brands of spare parts, including Bobcat spare parts, BT spare parts, Caterpillar spare parts, Clark Spare parts, Crown Spare parts, spare parts, Jungheinrich spare parts, spare part kalmar, spare part komatsu, spare Part Linde, mitsubishi spare part, Nissan spare part, Nichiyu-Nyk spare part, spare part still, spare part TCM, spare part Toyota, spare part .

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